We are from the banking industry and we have a delivery track record. Veteran industry practitioners covering the retail, corporate payments, home remittances and branchless banking consulting. Our team has had exposure of SBP approval processes involved around new products and concepts. Such exposure allows us to prepare the relevant documentation in advance improving the speed to market for your organization.

Mohsin Termezy, Founder & Director

A digital evangelist, Mohsin enjoys to work with passionate people on ideas targeting blue ocean strategy. From Aeronautics to Fintech his passion to tread the less traveled got him to build tech startups and work with large global brands over past 22 years. After he built and exited yEvolve- first mobile app development company of Pakistan, he dived in to build a professional career in finetch. He has a 360 degree financial services experience both as a banker and a fintech vendor. A career in retail, commercial and microfinance banking sectors for 10 years with global brands like Citibank, Samba Financial Group and Dhabi Investments, he has worked for TPS FZ LLC, a leading card and payments company. Finclude was born in 2014 with a vision to build a financially inclusive ecosystem for which he is most passionate about. Mohsin loves to travel and supporting crazy people discover their destiny.

Umaima Sohaib, Advisory Board Member

Over the past 17 years Umaima has built successful financial services products and services with global banks including Citibank, Barclays and lately Telenor Microfinance Bank. With a passion to change the landscape of financial services access, she has undertaken a journey to bring the best roles to the best talent. Having transitioned from a sales, marketing and strategy role in commercial banking and micro-finance she decided to transition into a Chief People Officer role at Telenor Bank with the belief that its all about talent. She is a strong believer in equal opportunity to all.  She continues to spend time between travel, food and meeting crazy people.

Umair Javaid, Digital Financial Services Specialist

Umair has an entrepreneurial technology career of more than 10 years. He believes in the power of unlearning and relearning. With a career technologist, he has been constantly evolving himself into new roles and never looking back. He has been a banking technology consultant with leading national banks.