We at Finclude, through our extensive experience in digital financial services businesses, help you tackle your challenges and answer the following questions:

  • How to identify promising projects that could have a significant impact on people’s lives?
  • How to influence the development of viable digital financial services projects in favor of financial inclusion and digital ecosystem development?
  • How to best engage with private sector partners to help them tackle the challenge of piloting and implementing a DFS project?
  • How to contribute to the definition of an enabling DFS environment? (regulatory framework, distribution channels…)
  • How to contribute to the sharing of knowledge across the global fintech industry?
  • How to anticipate and support future evolution in the industry?

A coherent end-to-end strategy is required for the rollout of a successful digital financial services business. The strategy needs to encompass regulatory compliance through to clearly defined metrics to help monitor the operating business.

We start by understanding the prevalent regulatory environment and policy framework to ascertain whether the planned proposition fits with both the financial services and telecommunications regulations. Finclude brings specific experience in obtaining turnkey regulatory approvals for fintech services in Pakistan and similar SouthAsian countries.

Once the regulatory implications are well understood, we develop a strategic plan by assessing potential customer base, market demand for types of services, existing and potential competitors, partnerships and ecosystem development

Based on the environment factors and stakeholder mapping, we help develop specific propositions and their commercial viability at an individual proposition basis. The proposition definition also provides the basis for the functional and non-functional technical requirements that help build the business requirements document. This is subsequently rolled up into a wider funding and business plan that also includes capital and operating costs required to run the business. This helps provide clarity of budgetary requirements and constraints including strategic and tactical assumptions.

We help define the overall strategy including the Agent Network requirements, Risk management, phased rollout strategy and specific project and business metrics. The strategy forms the foundation of the digital financial services initiative.

Finclude can also help with board-level stakeholder management to help obtain buy-in of the strategy. Once this is in place, the strategy needs to be implemented.